Friday, December 24, 2010

GPS fix for your Samsung Galaxy 3

My Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT-I5801) hardly used to get a fix to GPS satellites once a week. Initially I thought it was due to a cloudy day, but even on sunny days, with open sky, my applications like Google maps or Waze could almost never get a fix to GPS.

That is when I thought there might be a software issue and upon hunting on the internet bumped upon various settings to fix the GPS issue(yeah, on an Android phone, you can do a lot of tweaking and troubleshooting yourself!)

The following settings worked for me-
(do keep note of default values, in case you wish to revert back to your original settings)

  • From your phone dialer type *#*#1472365#*#*- This will bring up the secret GPSSetup2 application.
  • Settings\Parameter Settings\Address\Server Type: 1x MPC
  • Settings\Parameter Settings\Position mode: option3
  • Settings\Fix Request Settings\Session Operation: Standalone
  • Settings\Fix Request Settings\Server Option: Local
  • gpsOne XTRA\Xtra Enable: Enable

Next, save the settings by exiting and then turn off and on your phone.

I was able to get a fix with about 10 satellites within 20 seconds after this change!


Anonymous said...

Great! Worked for mine too.

Roshu said...

Awesome post my friend..
My location shows accurate now..
Keep up the good work...
I was so pissed off up earlier with my phones gps even I got 10 satellites..

Anonymous said...

Hi Saurabh,
When i saw your blog it looks like it should work for me as well. But it didn't ...
When i've followed the steps and restart the phone. After clicking on Navigation app, process get started by saying "Checking Navigation availability" and it goes on endless .... Anyone is facing the same problem ? Or am i doing something wrong ?
Any idea, any direction would be appreciated ...

-- Tejas(

TEJ said...

Hi Saurabh,

First of all thank a lot for your reply ...
As i am newbie to android world, What is cold start ?
And how can i make sure i am able to lock to gps using google maps?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

doesn't work for India..

Anonymous said...

not working for me in India . . .