Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Suggesting Gmail smart attachment feature

Having used GMail since quite some time now, I have come to rely on Gmail for my day to day communication. No wonder then that time to time I myself feel that a feature or two, if added can help boost my productivity, save time or money. Today an idea struck me, which i feel accomplishes all those three points.

There are times when we need to send people certain documents again and again for some time. best example being that of a resume. During the time you are applying for a new job, you might need to send the same resume document to multiple people for days at an end.

Problem: Attaching a document again and again on multiple email uses up valuable bandwidth and uses up time, specially on slower internet connections.

Solution: Once a document has been attached and sent in an email, the document is already there on the Gmail server. So, when the next time I compose a new message, I should be presented with a list of recently attached documents so that I can save the time and bandwidth of uploading it again.

I know that I can forward the old mail with the attachment, but this solution, if implemented will be sleeker.

What do you say?