Wednesday, December 10, 2008

India - Now serving DVDs online!

Thanks to the Indian Railways, it is proved that a successfully implemented online venture is very much possible in our dear India too! Ofcource well planned logistics and financial muscle would be required but more and more people in India seem to be willing to tread online for their convenience.

After the grand success of Online DVD renting(think Blockbuster, Netflix) in America, the Indian markets could not have been much behind. And lo and behold, we have our very own offering for the Indian masses. I had heard of companies such as SeventyMM renting DVDs online, but I really never checked it out, untill recently I saw a BigFlix store sprung up in the market near my house. Time to take stock of things.

Yeah, the local DVD walla might offer cheaper rates, but do you really want to use your LCD screen to see a hall print, which you rented at the rate of a DVD? So perhaps it is time to check out these services and enjoy the true DVD quality movies in the convenience and luxury of our homes. Hopefully the customer would end up again being the king with the services competing amongst themselves and offering us the best value of money.

Here I offer a small comparision matrix of the services, though not a review of the same. So without much ado, here is a small compilation I made of some of the services in market:

BigFlix SeventyMM Movie Mart Clixflix
Membership fee Rs. 299 Rs. 250 Rs. 279 Rs. 399
Refundable fee Rs. 400 Rs. 349
Rs. 1998
Registration fee Rs. 0 Rs. 199

Disks at a time 1 1 1 2
Stores in India NA None NA In and around Mumbai only
Late fee after days None 4 None 3
Max movies in a month Once a day 6 Once a day 6
Movies in store > 18000 > 18000

Membership pause facility Yes NA NA NA

You may also check out a nice article I came across at Webyantra titled SeventyMM - national footprint eagerly awaited.

If you have used these services, or prefer any other, do share your say in the comments.

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