Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 minutes home wi-fi setup

Recently I purchased a broadband internet connection from Airtel for my new pad in Noida. The setup at home sure took me by storm, with no less than an army of 8 people coming one after another within 2.5 hours to finish every thing from cabling, ADSL phone setup, line activation, internet setup etc.

Soon I had access to always on internet access, but only if I was sitting in the same room and wired to the modem. So as soon as the Airtel army finished their job, I connected my wireless router to the setup. Now I sitting in my inner bedroom, and writing this article on my home wi-fi setup in the comfort of my cozy bed.

Here is how I connected and configured my wireless router with my ADSL Beetle 220bx modem(mind you, my Linksys WRT43G router does not have the default firmware, but dd-wrt):

  1. I assume that your adsl modem has been configured by the company to provide always on internet as is my case
  2. Connect the internet cable from your Beetel modem to the Internet-in port of your Linksys router.
  3. Ensure that your Windows PC is set to automatically receive IP settings by acting as a DHCP client.
  4. The most important step is configuring your router, because I found that by default both the Beetel modem and Linksys router were on the same subnet and were hence conflicting. Hence I changed the router subnet as shown below.
  5. Now turn off both your modem and router. Then first turn on the modem and after about 2 minutes turn on our router.
  6. If every thing went fine then now you should be able to access your modem administration on and your wireless router configuration page at
  7. Remember not to give your neighbors free lunch by securing your wireless connection, else apart from you anybody around your house can access your internet and use up your paid bandwidth. Remember that the newer WPA standard s much more secure than the vanilla WEP security. I configured my security as shown below.

I have assumed lots of thing to finish this quick article, so if I missed some glaring steps or tips then let me know and I will update this article.

Even otherwise, do leave a comment! :)