Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Problem playing music in a Picasa slideshow?

I am a big fan of Google Picasa for the simplicity and features offered. I am quite confident using Adobe Photoshop, but still I find doing minor adjustments such as basic levels corrections and Color correction much more easier, and in a non-destructive way.

Having used Picasa for sometime now, I have started using some of the extra bells and whistles it offers, such as the "Play music during slideshow" feature. I discovered that you can make Picasa play your favorite mp3 music by going to File > Options > Slideshow. Once here, just enable the checkbox for "Play MP3 tracks during slideshow", and give the folder path on your hard disk. Next time when you start a slideshow, Picasa should play music in the background, with nice fades and all....or so I thought.

For me, somehow Picasa never actually played music, even though I checked and double checked my settings, and ensured that I have the latest versions of Picasa and Windows Media Player on my Vista machine.

It was then I discovered what the problem was. For some reason, Picasa does not play music, if the folder you specify has subfolders! What a bad bug! I hope this is soon fixed, but in the meanwhile, point your Picasa music folder, to a folder, which does not have any sub-folders.

Additionally, neither can Picasa any playlists in the folder, nor can it randomize the songs. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Do comment if this helped you, and if you feel the actual problem lies somewhere else, you can write back in the comments to this post.


David said...

I have the same problem, but your fix doesn't work for me. The folder I made is at the root of my drive with nothing in it but one .mp3 file. Still, just won't play. Like you, every other aspect works. I'm baffled.

oilguy said...

Glad to see that I am not crazy. I have spent way too much time trying to get an mp3 to play with this program.

The song plays on its own, no problem. I have the newest windows media player, everything.

Surprised that something this simple would not work on a google product!

Anonymous said...

it works for me by not using a subfolder but when i upload to the web, no music plays? any help is appreciate

jk said...


i think this is why.